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Engine that Breathes

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Project Title: Engine that Breathes

Condition: Built

Date: 06/2019

/ The installation was designed in collaboration with BMW Barcelona Motor and exhibited at the event "Hotel Art Fair 2019" at W-Hotel in Bangkok.

The structure played with your perspective and point of view by breaking the boundary of repeated straight lines. As you were walking around to inspect the object from multiple angles, the generic form would begin to fling, break off, and eventually reveal itself. Each curve was computationally generated to express the lightweight-aerodynamic flow of the BMW X7. The design captured the unmistakable presence, the harmonizing chemistry between strength and flexibility shared among machines and nature.

The design captured the essence of street mood.

Then integrated into the simulation; breaking from the ordinary.

Vertical flow studies

Horizontal flow studies

Curve Typology


Supervision by Farmgroup

Lighting support by DON BOY

Photos by Bestzpang

DON BOY is a creative multimedia design agency with its vision is to create those memorable moments. Specialized in telling stories through the utilization of various media such as visual and sounds, as “Experience Designers” the team aims to craft your moment into a truly unique and memorable one. Check out their strangely charming works at

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