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Totem 2.0

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Project Title: Totem 2.0

Condition: Built

Date: 11/2018

/ Totem 2.0 is a light installation project in collaboration with Yimsamer team in 2018. It's an improved version of the original lighting structure "Totem Tom Tom" which was designed by Yimsamer to use during the cheer activity for the freshman orientation at the faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University in 2016.

The 2018 version was designed to display at the Tiger Beer's first global event in Seoul, South Korea, Tiger Roar, which took place on 9 November 2018.

The event brought together 16 talents from diverse fields such as dance, technology, fashion, art, and food. The Totem 2.0 is part of the production talent from Thailand in which the lighting structure was standing in the center to revitalize the space, fill the hall and provide the audience with fresh atmospheric experiences.

Afterward, the structure is then transported to be exhibited at Warehouse 30 in Bang Rak during the event, Bangkok Design Week 2019.

Totem 2.0 at the Warehouse 30

/ The concept of the modern installation is inspired by the Treble Gamelan or Ranat Eak, which is the most classic Thai musical instrument used as a leading role in the piphat ensemble.

Ranat Eak is in the percussion family that consists of 21 wooden bars suspended by cords over a boat-shaped trough resonator and struck by two mallets.

Early form studies

The instrument produces the sound when tapping either the hard or soft sticks against the wooden bars. The distinct effect of the collisions deliver two sets of frequency results, which is suitable for separate performances. /

Sound and frequency data research reference

Form generations

The drawing shows the structure was shaped by two separated layer curves, with each represents the set of resonance frequencies that were produced by the instrument, intertwined together into one majestically harmonized installation.

While still retains to its original figure, Totem 2.0 was able to stand tall and proud. The construction was built with varying radius steel plates, suspended by the center column, and weaved together with LED strips. /

/ The structure was initially test assembled at the warehouse in Paju. Then it is transported to the exhibition site and reassembled at the Gavit island in Seoul.

Totem 2.0 reinstalled in Bangkok to be stationary at Warehouse 30 during the exhibition Bangkok Design Week 2019. /


Lighting by Yimsamer

Photos by Warit Meekaew

Yimsamer is a design team that mainly focuses on producing multimedia and entertainment products. The team has specifically explored and engages technology into each designs creating varieties of work including interactive installation arts, stage design, experiences design, lighting design, and visual effects. Check out their inspiring productions at https://www.yimsamer.com/

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