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Spider Behaviour - Part 2 - Augmentation

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

/ Augmentation sets the topic of creating a performative landscape from the prior site studies.

How does one turn a face into a landscape that can host architectural elements.

The focal point of these irregular features is facial hair, which is a feature that's highly evident across all three regions.

The precedent hair structures are long, straight, and generally vertical. They are primary components for any construction to latch and pull on. The project has taken the concept of tensile structure and inspiration from the Munich Olympic Stadium in the design process.

Munich Olympic Stadium construction analysis

Since the surface and slope of the landscape is extreme and consists of many natural preserved conditions, the goal is to design lightweight architecture that doesn't intervene and has the least impact on the terrain. A system that can mutually co-exist with its environment, the structure that pulls itself off the ground and constructs on all three sites base on these available vertical links. /

A series of threads has been attached between neighboring vertical poles with a limit of 8mm in length between any two given points. They pull on one another, which creates a network of stressed cables across the surface.

However, the scale of the performative landscape has to be perceivable for architectural construction. The experimental site has been enlarged 1000 times from the actual size of the face.

8 millimeters has become 8 meters.

Poles has become Pylon of trees.

/ The drawing demonstrates the direction of the tension force. Steel cables have strung between pylons with anchoring points plunged into the ground at opposing directions to help counteract and transfer the pressure. The fabrication system has been implemented on all of the three locations of the face: eye, nose, and ear but interact with the unique layers of information that are prominent across all three different regions.

Site 1 - Eye

Site 2 - Nose & Mouth

Site 3 - Ear

Physical model construction of Site 2 "Nose & Mouth" region

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