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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

/ It's time for a new decade. Let's start the year with something simple and fun. This artwork is to commemorate the year twenty-twenty.

Fun fact: It's been a century since 1919, the year number repeats. The next one will be in 2121, which will take us another hundred years!

The 3D photo is available to inspect on our Facebook page.

The "ๆ" (maiyamok) is the repeat symbol in the Thai language

20ๆ : 2020

/ The 3-dimensional effect that you see actually originates from 2-dimensional images.

However, the 3D effect has occurred because Facebook can calculate, combine, and map the depth of grayscale images.

The way we tinker with the system is by creating 2 images. One which represents the base color and texture that you see and the other, a grayscale image, representing only depths

/ To produce the 2 images needed, we first designed the 3D model in a separate software. This allowed for full control and a deeper level of customization.

The depth level that you see on the 3D photo is approximately similar to here.

One model is for coloring and the other is for rendering. The two combine to create a foreground and background that form the depth map for an image.

Depth rendering

The 3D photo is automatically compiled on Facebook by uploading the two images. /

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