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Virtual World outside of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

/ Quarantine was precedented following the COVID-19 situation. Outside had been lonesome and inside became a dreadful game of waiting. As a result, we decided to digitally bring the outside in so that you could explore our new normal of well-being, collaborate, and experience the wonder of the world from new lens.

What you lookin' at?

What we were trying to achieve was to experiment around with Virtual reality tools and workflows that might allow us to record real places and digitally present them to people at home through a variety of mediums. /

/ In 2019, a fire destroyed all the main structures of Shuri Castle, a Unesco World Heritage site on Japan's southern island of Okinawa.

Here we see a digital reconstruction from crowdsourced photogrammetry of the Shuri Castle.

These crowdsourcing models have realistic texture since they have been built with Photogrammetry, which is the technology of obtaining information about the real physical environment through the process of combining drones, laser scans, and aerial photographs.

Virtually meditating inside the Bagan - Khayiminga temple

Wisdom for a change

Staying calm and mindful

The technology is widespread among the modern videogame industry, with developers using cameras to make photorealistic textures for their projects, whether 3D modeling, animation, or game design, saving time and cost while capturing efficient production value.

Posing in front of the Fontana di Trevi - Rome, Italy

On the other hand, we had implemented the technology together with a Social Virtual Reality Platform called Sansar, which enabled opportunities for people to reconnect with each other in these virtual landmarks without coming into contact with one another directly.

Chilling inside the Galerie d'Apollon - Paris, France

Where are the janitors?

Also to have some fun...

Me and my spire

Notre-Dame de Paris from a digital perspective

Currently, these environments are for personal testing only. However, the workflow has allowed for many more opportunities, like hosting virtual events unlike ever before. / For instance, / Every year many universities, institutions, and private work environments have annual gatherings and education festivals held at the end of each academic year, collaborating and celebrating each other's achievements.

Unfortunately, they were challenged by the recent COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Physical contact and group celebration became a primary restriction. As a result, everyone was looking towards virtual media/online platforms to become another mode of collaboration and communication.

For example, a virtual reality exhibition where we're allowed to connect people from across the globe to join together and express ideas freely.

This is the test world that we made to experiment around with the feasibility by hosting a virtual architectural pinup, mimicking the real one through the Social Virtual Reality Platform. /


Social Virtual Reality Platform called Sansar

Notre Dame Cathedral 3D by Raiz, Sketchfab

Shuri Castle 3D by Raiz, Sketchfab

Fontana di Trevi 3D by Raiz, Sketchfab

Bagan Khayiminga temple 3D by Miguel Bandera, Sketchfab

Galerie d'Apollon 3D by Benoît Rogez, Sketchfab

Sansar is a social virtual reality platform which opens you up for new destination, virtual events, and entertainment. Here you can attend shows from anywhere in the world, see your favorite artists like never before, and experience events that defy the laws of space and time. Be part of their creative community at

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